About Us

Raj Kalpana Travels PVT. LTD is a renowned brand in the bus operating industry and known for giving a new face to the industry. We prioritize passenger comfort above all else, and our fleet of luxury buses is a testament to this. 

We continuously try to push our limits in order to enhance your travel experience and we’re happy to offer online bus ticket booking and private bus booking in Delhi and other parts of North India. Read further to find out what sets us apart from the rest of the market.

Live Bus Tracking

The best technology of live bus tracking is integrated into almost all of our buses, passengers can now be updated with the live location of the bus, aiding them in planning their journey to the boarding point. It also eliminates the anxiety of missing a bus or waiting for it in the event of delays.

Our Customer Support  

We strive to provide the best customer service possible. Our attentive customer support team is available to address any issue the passengers may have regarding their journey. We take pride in our ability to quickly resolve any issues and provide a warm, welcoming experience that encourages our customers to come back again.

Great Comfort  

Once a passenger boards one of our buses, she is impressed by the level of comfort and luxury. Our buses come equipped with the latest amenities, such as WiFi, charging points, water bottles, and a TV. The seats are incredibly comfortable, making it feel like a cozy bedroom. We have a fleet of the most luxurious brands, including Mercedes Benz Multi-axle buses, Volvo Multi-axle buses, and Scania Multi-axle comfort buses. These buses help to make your journey as smooth as possible. It is our goal to change the perception of bus travel, and to this end, we are constantly striving to enhance the level of luxury we offer.


Safety is a top priority for us when we plan a bus route. We ensure that our drivers are well-versed in safety protocols and follow them diligently. This helps make sure that our passengers are always safe.

Regular Offers  

At Raj Kalpana Travels PVT. LTD, we not only work to provide our passengers with the most reasonable rates in the market but also give them regular discount offers to further enhance their happiness.

Our Bus Service Routes

It’s our pleasure to serve our customers each and every day and help them in reaching their destination. Come and book your tickets with us for Guna to Delhi, Lucknow to Delhi, Delhi to Jaunpur, Delhi to Jalaun, Delhi to Lucknow, Delhi to Banda, Delhi to Morena, Gwalior to Indore, Jalaun to Delhi, Sultanpur to Lucknow, Banda to Delhi, Jhansi to Delhi, Agra to Sagar (Madhya Pradesh) and many more….

Wish you a Happy and Comfortable Journey

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