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Embark on a journey that transcends the ordinary with Raj Kalpana Travels PVT. LTD., a trailblazer in the realm of bus travel. Our commitment to redefining the travel experience is evident in our opulent fleet, where your comfort takes center stage.
Prepare for an exhilarating odyssey with Raj Kalpana Travels, where the essence of travel is transformed into an art form. Seamlessly secure your tickets online and dive into the allure of sought-after routes such as Dehradun to Delhi, Delhi to the enchanting Badlapur (Uttar Pradesh), the historical corridors of Delhi to Mahoba, the cultural mosaic of Delhi to Ajaygarh, and the captivating journey from Delhi to Auraiya.
Trust Raj Kalpana Travels to be your steadfast companion on these chosen routes, infusing authentic bliss into your travel escapades. Let every adventure be a celebration with us, where the journey itself becomes as remarkable as the destination.

Elevating Travel Experiences with Raj Kalpana Travels

Unleashing a commitment to redefine travel, Raj Kalpana Travels stands as a beacon of customer convenience and satisfaction, boasting a slew of remarkable features:

  1. Harmony in Payments: Embrace the liberation of online reservations with Raj Kalpana Travels. Our commitment to smooth and hassle-free transactions is mirrored in the flexibility of payment options. Choose your preferred mode and traverse the path to convenience.
  2. Deals of Dreams: An air of exclusivity accompanies your booking experience with Raj Kalpana Travels. Avail yourself of our fantastic deals, unlocking a 10% discount on e-bookings and mobile app reservations. With us, not only do you save big, but you also journey with unparalleled style.
  3. Journey into Luxury: Uncover a realm of unmatched comfort aboard our buses. Charging ports, water bottles, blankets, and pillows adorn your travel sanctuary. Safety is paramount with designated emergency exits, while our dedicated customer support and live tracking ensure a journey without worries.

Exceptional Customer Support:
Our customer support, the epitome of excellence, stands ready to address any travel concerns. Swift issue resolution and a welcoming ambience define our service, creating a delightful experience that beckons customers back.
Live Bus Tracking:
Embark on a journey free from stress with Raj Kalpana Travels! Advanced live tracking on our buses allows passengers to effortlessly monitor their journey's progress. Enjoy peace of mind, eliminating the need for constant calls to the conductor.
Regular Offers:
At Raj Kalpana Travels, your satisfaction takes precedence. We promise affordable and comfortable rides, showering frequent discounts as a testament to our commitment to your constant joy.
Safety Above All - Utmost Priority:
Safety rides shotgun at Raj Kalpana Travels! Your well-being is paramount, symbolised by ladies' seats ensuring a secure and comfortable journey. Trust us to keep our commitment, allowing you to travel confidently with Raj Kalpana Travels.

Online Booking and Effortless Payments:
Embark on a journey of unparalleled ease with Raj Kalpana Travels! Seamless online booking and acceptance of all major payment modes guarantee a smooth journey. Choose Raj Kalpana Travels for an experience that seamlessly blends effortlessness with enjoyment.

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